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I just received an email from American Airlines where they'd like me to opt in to some additional email communications. In return, I will be entered into a contest where they are giving away a free trip as well as getting some additional miles or a discounted ticket.

My good friend Chris Baggott would always make an example of the Airlines when it came to providing targeted content to a targeted audience. The airlines know our home address, our home airport, our travel patterns… yet they send us specials for trips to/from other cities outside our cycle of travel, etc. It's ridiculous… rather than providing us the information we're looking for, they actually alienate us and then we barely read the emails they send.

Hodiaŭ mi ricevis retpoŝton de usonano kaj la grafiko vere kaptis mian atenton:
Retpoŝta Revuo pri Amerikaj Flugkompanioj

Upon clicking through, I found that American did a great job on this. The link to click through had a ‘key' that basically told the receiving site who I was. In turn, when I modified my preferences (single-click, simple, flash), the results were immediate. I didn't have to put in additional information that they already had and they didn't try to add-on extraneous advertising or marketing for other products and services.

This is a very nice acquisition campaign – I'm curious how successful it will be. It had all the elements of success:

  1. Ĝi kaptis vian atenton.
  2. Ĝi provizis instigon.
  3. Ĝi havis vokon al ago.
  4. La mesaĝado estis tre videbla.
  5. La konverta procezo estis simpla.

Nicely done! The real question, of course, is if they can keep their emails relevant to me. If they can't, I'll unsubscribe and this will all have gone to waste.

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      Mi konsentas Jonatan - sed ĝi estis tiel eksterordinara por unu el iliaj retpoŝtaj mesaĝoj, ke ĝi efektive kaptis mian atenton. Mi ne certas, ke tio estis intence parto de la strategio - sed ĝi funkciis!

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