Ne Ignoru Observon, Kongruecon kaj Bonan Programadon

For the most part, web browsers are constructed in a way that hides poor programming. Javascript errors are turned off by default in most browsers and HTML compliance is not a requirement. That's okay if you're simply throwing up a site with a page or two to talk about your site – but as you begin to integrate your site, it will cause many problems. Compliance is one of those things that is expensive down the road.

Se mi kreus aplikaĵon de nulo, estas iuj aferoj, kiujn mi absolute certigus, ke ili plenumiĝis:

  • Kaskadaj Stilaj Folioj - apartigante la vidan tavolon de via aplikaĵo de la meznivela kaj malantaŭa fino, vi ne bezonas fari multe pli ol ŝanĝi kelkajn dosierojn por dinamike ŝanĝi la uzantinterfacon de via retejo. CSS Zen-Ĝardeno ilustras la potencon de CSS mirinde. La HTML samas tra la retejo, sed dum vi ŝanĝas inter temoj, novaj stilfolioj estas aplikataj kaj la retejo transformiĝas. Mi ankaŭ forte rekomendus iliajn libro.
  • Ŝablonado – Page templates are the ‘middle-tier' between your back-end and the front-end. This pulls the actual retrieval code out of the pages and simply has it referenced from a template. The advantage of templates are they assist in separating the wheat from the chaff. Back-end functionality won't break page functionality and vice-versa.
  • Komuna aplika kodo – you should never have to write the same code twice within the application. If you do, you're writing your application wrong. When you need to make a change, you should only need to make that change in a single llocation.
  • Datumbazo - stoki datumojn en datumbazoj. Konservi datumojn en iu ajn alia tavolo postulas multe pli da laboro!
  • XHTML-plenumo – as technologies like Content Management Systems, APIs, RSS, and other content integration tools become more prevalent, the transmission of content needs to be simple. XHTML standards are important because content is easily ‘transportable' to other sites, services, or locations.
  • Funkcia krucretumilo – browsers treat HTML and CSS differently. There are plenty of hacks that ensure cross-browser functionality. You should always be supporting the top 3 browsers in the industry with the latest 3 releases of each. Beyond those, I wouldn't bother… it will be the death of the browser if they can't keep up with the big dogs.
  • Transsistema funkcio – some functionality is not the same or offered between a PC, Mac, and Linux. If you do all the previous steps, you shouldn't run into trouble, but I would still test to be sure!

Trying to fix plumbing in a home that's already built is costly. Doing good ‘plumbing' up front will save you a lot of money in the long run!

Mi trovis bonegan rimedon nomatan La Kontrolilo legante alian blogon, nomatan Hazardaj bitokoj. Lastly, if you're looking to become an enterprise application with broad reach and scope, I would be cautious of employees that ignore or don't concern themselves with these items early on. Find folks that care! You're life will be much easier down the road.

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