iPhone ĉe Flickr: Pli ol 15,000 fotoj kaj kreskantaj

Kun la tuta iPhone-ekzaltiĝo (mi ne ricevas), mi pensis, ke estus interese vidi la agadon ĉe Flickr kaj kiom da homoj aperigis fotojn pri la iPhone aŭ per sia iPhone. Mi konsterniĝis vidi pli ol 15,000 XNUMX lastatempajn fotojn de la iPhone afiŝitajn sur Flickr!

Por miaj RSS-legiloj, alklaku tra la afiŝo por vidi la bildaron:

La Apple-Merkata teamo vere meritas gratifikon pri ĉi tiu!

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      I think Apple is superb at manipulating people with their marketing. Where many companies concentrate on productivity and return on investment, Apple concentrates on ‘cool’. They focus on ‘wants’ vs. ‘needs’, contrary to the norm.

      That said, Apple has a very long history of making things ‘work’ the first time through and driving innovation into their products. I’ve poked fun at the Apple machine quite a bit.

      Looking back, though… I now have an AppleTV (which I watch as much as regular TV), a MacBookPro, and a G3 (needs help) and a G4 (also needs help). Two years ago, I didn’t own anything Apple!

      I’m not planning on getting the iPhone any time soon. It’s simply a luxury that I can’t afford right now. Now… if my employer wants to change that…. 🙂


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        ?and the weird thing (which still surprizes me after manymany years with computers) is that the iPhone has more processing power than the G3. (Talking of which, how did you get your hands on a G3 two years ago?)

        I would also like to chip in that Apple is more than “cool”. Yes, they make cool gear, but the core for me is “it works”. They are not as compatible as PCs are, but in turn you get something that works out of the box. You won’t get many parameters that you can tweak. Maybe one can say: Microsoft believes in letting the user have many options. Apple believes that most users know less about the inner life of computers, and thus Apple engineers make the choices for you.

        For certain jobs a Mac is better, for others it’s a PC. Fortunately, the lines have become more blurred of late.

        Both a KIA and a Mercedes get you from A to B. It’s just a bit more comfortable on the other one…

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          Hi Foo,

          Well put! (I recently got the G3 and G4 – it’s a long story, but both need a lot of work to get back in shape… plus I need some monitors, keyboards, etc. I just haven’t had the time to get them going.)


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    Yeah, Apple makes things “cool” as opposed for example for IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads, which simply “work”, and “work” is much different from “cool” 🙂

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      I had a Thinkpad quite a while ago and it was awesome. It was a brick, but I had 3 Operating Systems on it (Windows 2000, Win 98, and OS/2). Fond memories. I’ve got a MacBookPro now and it’s the best laptop I’ve ever had – though I was discouraged to put it in the shop for a few days. (Apple turned it around very fast – I was impressed).

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