Bankoj Instigas Tutmondan Varmiĝon

UPDATE 8 / 9 / 2007: Ne certas, ĉu ĝi rilatas al mia blogaĵo, sed Sky Financial nun repagis la $ 1.75.

Mesaĝo al mia banko, Ĉielo Financa:

La 8/3/2007 mi vojaĝis al la aŭtomato-aŭtomato de Smith Valley kaj Distrikta Linio-aŭtomatejo ekstere de US31 kaj ambaŭ aŭtomatoj estis ekstere de servo. Mi dankus forigon de la 08-03-2007 KOTIZO DE FREMDA ATM-UZO DE SERVO 1.75 USD en mia konto. Mi havis neniun alian elekton krom viziti bankaŭtomaton de alia banko.

Respondo de Ĉielo-Banko:

Sinjoro Karr,

Bedaŭrinde ni ne povos repagi la eksterlandan ATM-uzan servan kotizon. Estas kvin malsamaj lokoj ene de 5-mejla radiuso ene de Greenwood. Por plia diskuto pri ĉi tiu afero vi povas paroli kun via administranto de Greenwood Financial Center.

Ankaŭ kun la venonta kunfandiĝo kun Huntington Bank vi povas uzi iun ajn aŭtomatan aŭtomaton de Hunington Bank sen iuj ajn kostoj de servo. Nun estas 1,400 XNUMX aŭtomatejo inter Sky kaj Huntington, kiujn vi povas uzi.

Dankon pro bankado kun Sky Bank.

Originala Teksto

Ĉiela Financa Religo

Jen kial mi malamas bankojn kaj kial la diskuto finiĝis:

  1. Ne danku min pro bankado kun Sky Bank. Mi provis dufoje enbankigi kun Sky Bank sed viaj bankomatoj ne funkciis.
  2. Do vi plene atendas, ke mi plu veturos de ATM ĝis ATM ĝis mi trovos unu funkcianta?
  3. Mi supozas, ke mi ekscitiĝos, ke estos 1,400 pliaj aŭtomatoj, kiuj eble ne disponeblas?

Se vi iam vidis kiom da kotizoj mi akiris kun ĉi tiuj uloj, vi sufokiĝus. La fakto, ke ili ne senkulpigos simplan $ 1.75, estas ridinda. Mi esperas, ke la tuta fako pri Klienta Servo malgrandiĝos en la fuzio.

Jen la kvin lokoj ... oportunaj, ĉu?

ATMoj de Sky Financial Bank en Greenwood

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    You’ve got to go with the online bank. I’ve been banking with Everbank for the past 8 years. They reimburse me up to $6/mo on ATM fees. They even provide the postage paid envelope to send the receipts in.

    Everbank also provides a ton of other great features that most banks can even touch.

    I can’t believe how many people still use the brick and mortar banks. I really don’t see the point.



  4. 4

    Just to make you feel better – no, not really.

    I would say it’s new bank time, but the situation wouldn’t improve. Your only real option is to talk to your local bank manager.

    Re the 1400 ATMs – that’s 1400 between the two banks, not 1400 new ones, and spread between how many states? And, have you ever seen a Huningdon ATM where you live? I’ve never seen one here.

    My personal accounts bank is at a Sky, too. It’s been sold three or four times since I’ve been there. I’ve never had a problem, but I don’t use ATMs.

  5. 5

    I think what is really disturbing is the EXTREMELY high price of service charges. $1.50 to $1.75 per transaction? Heck, you need to withdraw a minimum of $100 at a time to get that sucker in reach of 1%!

    Here in Canada we only have a few banks which is nice, however, there are becoming fewer and fewer ATMs from each bank and more of the independent ATMs popping up all over the place. Fewer bank ATMs and more independent ones = more service charges…

    I find myself saying “YES!” to cash-backs when asked at the time of checkout at a store – no stupid service charge…. And what the heck is with ‘service charge’ anyways? It’s a CONVENIENCE charge. My bank charges me for service – just not really sure what I get for it tho…

    Banks and cell phone companies – the bane of my existence.

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      Sort of funny… I think I still might have a Royal Bank of Canada account up there. If it wasn’t closed for fees (which it probably was)… who knows, maybe I’m a millionaire! Especially now that the loony is growing stronger than our buck!

      Amen on the banks and cell phone companies. It seems that the older you are as a company, the worse you get at taking care of the customer! Throw airlines in there as well.

  6. 7

    @Rick: I’m a huge online banker, Rick. I think that’s why I got so steamed at this. I even opened my account online! That never cost them a cent to handle my business.

    @Randy: Good to hear that they are treating you right, Randy! I’m going to open an account with them.

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    How dare you make a comment that you hope the entire Customer Service Dept downsized due to the merger??? Ya know, there are a lot of us that work there that would LOVE to give all of you back your fees but we dont have the authority to do so. There are hundreds of people that are going to lose their jobs. Hundreds of kids whos lifestyles theyre use to will change dramatically. So dont make a comment like that because you cant come to terms with a stupid little $1.75 ATM fee that you got back anyways for your little crybaby website. Its not customer services fault you were charged nor is it their fault it didnt get refunded at first. What you did to get it back was fine but the harsh comments you made were directed to the wrong people. I can almost guarentee you that if you talked to ANY of the reps off the job they would tell you they would LOVE to give you back your fees. So before you run your mouth about people, know your facts before you crush people more than what a company has already crushed them. Most people that are losing their jobs have been there for years and its not their fault that you were charged a fee that some millionaire banker decided to charge so he can become richer. What you should have said was that you hope the people who make the rules lose their jobs. We get paid nothing and take so much abuse, your comment being minor abuse. How would you like it if someone told you tomorrow that you didnt have a job any longer? Or if someone in your family was told that another company was taking over theirs and they would no longer be needed? Thats a hard hit to take. So dont make comments based on what you think, learn the facts before you decide you should wish us all out of a job.

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      The only way a company changes is from within. If great employees left bad employers or bad companies, it would teach that company a lesson.

      If you really wanted to do something about it and you believe it’s unfair as well, then you should leave rather than support such an organization.

      You know and I know that Sky Bank (and previous names) make a huge volume of money off of poor people paying fees and fines. It should be criminal… but as long as they have lemmings to do their bidding, I guess things won’t change.


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    LEAVE? Thats easier said than done when jobs are almost non exsistant where I live. There are no jobs out there that do not have policy/procedure that everyone will agree on. Just because you work for a company that isnt perfect doesnt make you a bad person. And Customer Service has nothing to do with your $1.75. We didnt make that fee up. And I believe we all pay that stupid fee too. But I gotta tell ya, most banks charge it. And most banks charge you to use your debit in the store. SKY doesnt, however Huntington does. So you see, there are many policies that suck and thats anywhere you go. Im sure someone working at Walmart can tell you about something that sucks there….so if they charge too much for an item is it that persons fault because you feel you got ripped off? Seems to me you need to find better things to do with you time than worry about $1.75 and then turning around and wishing a whole dept of over 100 to be jobless and in the unemployment line that YOU pay taxes for!!!!

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      I might take my chances on the taxes. At least taxes try to be equitable across income ranges (actually, they penalize the rich). Bank fees simply penalize the middle and lower class.

      It sounds like you’re a passionate employee who cares about your clients. I hope you find something better! I really do.


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