Kontrolante Viajn Interretajn Merkatajn Referencojn

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One of the great things about online marketing is that your work is totally in the open for the world to see. Given the fact that it is, it makes me wonder what companies, agencies, and even our regional government is thinking when they're hiring for help.

It's pretty simple to prequalify your online marketing professionals:

  • Se vi serĉas Serĉila Optimumiga firmao, stop looking! The best SEO firms are agencies that are omni-channel experts, recognizing how content, email, mobile, and social are all impacting your search engine results. SEO was a math problem, getting results from search engine marketing is a human problem and requires much more than the ol' days of keyword stuffing. Hiring a bad SEO firm can destroy your company's authority for years – so proceed with extreme caution.
  • Se vi serĉas Fakulo pri Socia Amaskomunikilaro, look for someone who helps businesses like yours grow their reach in social media. I don't mean the person who bought the most followers. I don't mean the keynote speaker or the author who has a different strategy than your business. I'm advising you to spend some time online and ask who is out there helping businesses like yours. Some of my favorite consultants in the industry are unknown… but their clients have skyrocketed.
  • Se vi serĉas Marko aŭ Dezajnfirmao remember that beauty is only skin deep with websites, too! We've worked with clients who blew their budget on a branding firm that wiped out their search rankings and obliterated their stream of inbound leads. Great design firms are worthwhile, but only when they're ensuring you continue to grow your business results, not just building out a beautiful site or logo.
  • If you're looking for an Interreta Merkatada Agentejo, iru al la kompanioj, kun kiuj vi ĝuas komuniki interrete kaj eksciu, kiun ili uzas por merkatado. Serĉu homojn kun bonega retejo, bonega retpoŝta programo, ricevas iujn serĉrezultojn kaj aperas en sociaj retoj. Alivorte, serĉu la kompaniojn kun kiuj vi laboras, kiuj estas kompleta. Demandu vian dentiston, demandu vian lokan Picejon, demandu viajn vendistojn, demandu vian tubiston .... demandu ... demandu ... demandu. Se vi respondas al ilia merkatado, plej verŝajne ankaŭ aliaj respondos.

Don't assume that you can't afford the company. Don't assume that they're too busy to assist you. Grandaj kompanioj aludos vin to others who can help you if they don't have the resources or are out of your price range.

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