Analizante Vian Twitter-Sekvantaron

twitter profilo mondo

Schmap publikigis Profilo de Twitter-analizo tool that's quite comprehensive. By doing a comparison analysis of your followers to other accounts, Schmap can provide you with a detailed analysis of where your followers come from, what professions they are, their demographics and even their influence. There's a free basic analysis as well as a plena analizo. The analysis pricing depends on what kind of account you're analyzing but ranges from about $25 for a non-commercial user to $125 for companies.

Pri Schmap: Schmap is a location technology service provider and local publisher, with cutting-edge expertise at the intersection of local, social, commercial and the real-time web. We're best known for our real-time city guides, and our popular Twitter service.

Jen iuj komunaj statistikoj pri plena analizo por @douglaskarr (kiu lastatempe superis 30,000 sekvantojn!).

Por Lando

twitter profilo mondo

Laŭ ŝtato


Per Profesio

twitter-profesia profesio

De Demografia

twitter-profilo demografia

Per Intereso

Pepi profilon ŝatas

De Twitter Influence

twitter-profila influo

Per Twitter-Agado

agado de twitter-profilo

By how long they've been on Twitter

twitter-profila tempo

Laŭ la specoj de Twitter-kontoj, kiujn ili sekvas

twitter-profilo sekvas

There were some additional stats as well, and a detailed analysis could be downloaded as a CSV. If you're wanting to ensure that you're attracting the right audience, I'd encourage you to purchase the plena analizo. The resulting data I received validated my strategy for attracting Twitter followers and I'm happy with the results. The only area of concern for me was that I under-indexed on female followers. Perhaps it's my constant stream of geek talk… definitely some work to do.

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